Our Inspection Process

We offer 2 Inspection Packages that are designed to meet the varied requirements of the used vehicle industry. Both of our packages include a detailed report highlighting specific areas of the vehicle. This inspection report will be emailed to you at no additional charge.

Our Basic Pre-Purchase package includes the most common problem areas for cars and trucks. It provides a solid foundation of specific vehicle knowledge and a broad overview of  its general condition. $149

Click here to view our Basic Pre-Purchase Inspection Report in a new window.

The Premium Pre-Purchase package starts with the Basic Inspection and goes into more depth in key areas. If any concerns arise during the inspection, they are documented using digital photos and included with the Inspection Report for clarity and accurate perspective.  The Premium package also includes detailed testing and analysis in several critical systems:

  • Coolant/Antifreeze Protection Levels
  • Engine and Transmission Control Computer trouble code searches (DTC’s)
  • Battery Load Testing
  • Alternator Output monitoring
  • Fuel Economy estimates

This in-depth, comprehensive approach gives the Premium package customer more confidence in their purchase and greater peace of mind with their new vehicle since they know it can be trusted. $199

 Click here to view our Premium Pre-Purchase Inspection Report in a new window.