About Us

Integrity Auto Inspections, LLC is a privately owned and operated company seeking to promote confidence and trust in the used vehicle market.  Only when a vehicle meets our stringent requirements can it become an “Integrity Auto Inspections Approved!” vehicle. With each inspection meeting NATEF standards and being perfomed by an inspector with a decade or more of experience, you can put your trust in our approval.                       

Our services primarily benefit those closest to the purchase or sale of a pre-owned vehicle. We perform inspections for local dealerships and individuals, both sellers and buyers. Sellers benefit by clearly showing their vehicle is in good condition which helps it stand out from the rest and sell much faster. Also included with our inspection is a listing on our website which is advertised in multiple locations locally. This brings buyers to you who are seriously interested in purchasing a vehicle that has already been inspected by our highly qualified team.

Anyone who is considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can clearly see the value in our services. We go to the seller’s location for you and provide a detailed inspection report and test drive impression. We analyze the safety and condition of the vehicle and answer any questions you might have all without you leaving your home or office. This saves you hours in traffic searching for an address, tense negotiations with an owner, the stress of trying to get this vehicle to a trusted mechanic and years of potential headaches and buyer’s remorse. When making an investment of several thousand dollars, can you afford to not really know what you are buying? We can help you feel confident in your purchase!